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CMS (Fisciano)
CMS (Fisciano) Headquarter of the Group, and the leader in the Metal Stamping production for the Automotive Industry, (with two automated lines of hydraulic and mechanical presses up to 1400t and a transfer press of 1600t), as well as in the production of parts for Military Vehicles from ballistic material, machined and painted.

In the area, the plant is a leading supplier of IVECO DVD (Defence Vehicle Division) and contributes to the construction of lightweight armored Puma, Armored Middle 8x8 Vehicle Arrow, Armored transportation 4x4 and Armored 6x6 VT MX. At the same production unit, the parts for railway structures and transport vehicles in general are manufactured.
CMS (Morra de Sanctis)
CMS - Morra de Sanctis (AV) This establishment is dedicated to the realization of Tubes, Mufflers, Hydro-formed Tubes, Battery cases for trucks, large railway structures and means of transport in general (urban and suburban bus chassis for Iveco Bus, trucks and rail frames of Ansaldo Breda); organized with automatic lines for the production of battery boxes, in particular, by projection and Mig/Mag welding. Verticalization of the Group’s production process enables painting technologies with dedicated systems for cataphoresis, powder and spray painting.
LMP Srl Prata - P.U.(AV) LMP Srl is a plant that focuses on machining activities with workcenters of 3 and 5 axis, both, for other plants of the Group (frames,axles,railway carriages, military vehicles) as well as for Clients VOITH TURBO, ZML, ASTRA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES, SIAD MI, etc, (Gearboxes for buses and trucks, Brake supports, Suspension supports, Frames and Cylinder for compressors, etc)., ZML SpA (Gearboxes for IVECO Daily and Fiat Ducato), ASTRA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES (carriage and supporters in general), SIAD M.I-Rivoira Group (frames and cylinder compressors for the production of technical gases).

The long experience of the staff, committed to the construction of machine tools of initially Mandelli Group, has allowed the unit to be specialized in the machining of the cast iron, aluminum and steel parts for Engines, transportation industry and machine tools.
OMSAC Srl (Fisciano, SA) It is a plant specializing in the design, construction and maintenance management of molds for the cold forming of metals, both for the plants within the Group and Clients. It is the center for research in the hydro-forming field.
LAMES LAMES is a plant (with CMS having majority of shares) engaged in the production of parts with high volumes of Engine products through transfer lines and automated machining workcells.


CMS Spa was founded in 1983. During the years, it has grown in size and number of facilities to suite the market demands. The growth has taken place thanks to our professionals and their thorough knowledge, long experience, passionate drive and day-day personal improvements, all using up to date technologies. However, one thing has never changed - preserving the focus on the Customers' needs, our distinguishing factor for building the corporate mentality.

The CMS Group, as a large Industrial Group, has production sites in FISCIANO, MORRA DE SANCTIS and ATESSA and acquired sites - LMP Srl and OMSAC Srl as well as a subsidiary - LAMES SpA.

It counts around 450 people with the total turnover of approximately 85 mil. euros.

Vertical organizational process and strategic decisions of the Group's Management has allowed the complete realization of ideas - through design, machining, painting and assembly of metallic structures (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium) for commercial vehicles, automotive and railway transportation.

Know – How, stemming from the design and making molds for the cold deformation of metals, combined with modern molding line robots, has enabled CMS to act as a major player in the plastic molding and metal deformation for the Automotive Industry.

Research and Development, in collaboration with the prominent Universities, in the field of innovative deformation of metals (hydro-forming) and laser welding is one more proof of the 'guidance' of the Group with innovation technologies and processes.

Activities in the field of military vehicles through the implementation of reinforced steel structures, machined and painted, enable the Group to supervise the industry with strong technological content.


Technical Department:Our centralized Technical Department supervises the Group’s activities and programs to follow the projects at any stage of their development: for the purpose, it uses the technical service support from various plants with assigned tasks and delegated responsibilities. Our Technical Department is responsible, also, for technical activities and engineering related to their specific knowledge and expertise as a part of the Group's Know-How.

Our technical offices are modernly equipped with CAD-CAM workstations and software, ranging from drafting and commissioning table of elements (PRO-Engineering, Catia) conducting CnC Cam (Tebis 5-Axis) the sheet metal forming FEM simulation (Autoform).
CMS technical offices are committed to perform regular activities of co-design, together with the technical organization of our Customers, thus building and maintaining profitable and long-lasting relationships with external structures of proven experts and professionals, both public and private.

Logistics: Logistics, with department that deals with the Production Planning, relies, in the context of the company's ERP, to an essential MRP module to schedule work orders and purchasing for more than 1300 part numbers; this activity enables effective optimization of transport and widespread control of the actual stocks.
Technologies and researches

Technologies and researches

The group has, over years, decisively focused on acquiring necessary Know-How in order to provide more comprehensive products and meet the demands and needs of Customers; by sharing design, development and industrialization of the product, the design and development of the production process, up to the creation of finished goods, including machining, painting and assembly. These broad range of the Group’s activities have acquired the necessary Know-How in the following areas:
Manual welding (100 certified welders by accredited institutions for ballistic material, stainless steel and aluminum)
Robot electric welding (Mig, Mag, Spot Weld)
Mechanincal machining of large structures and large series
Painting (Cataphoresis, Powder painting, liquid painting)
Design and implementation of stamping tool Die for metal forming
Metal cold stamping

The company is currently involved in a series of collaborative projects with the University of Salerno in sectors of hydro-forming and laser welding technology for transparent applications.